Coleman Vanquish 300 LI Headlamp: Product Test

Claudia Bouma — 21 December 2016

During our seven-week trip to the Red Centre, we trialed a couple of different headlamps. Travelling to Central Australia in winter means it is dark at 6pm and if you’re packing up early in the morning, good lighting is a necessity. We first tried the cheaper end of the market and, Needless to say, we were not impressed.

When we came across the Coleman Vanquish 300 LI headlamp we knew we’d found a quality product that would last - and light - the distance. The lamp’s robust exterior can handle a fall while the soft tension straps are extremely comfortable and don’t dig into your skin. The straps are also easy to adjust which means the lamp can be worn by anyone, even our seven-year-old.

This light can be worn for extended periods of time without becoming uncomfortable which can’t be said of a lot of other headlamps. It also stays firmly on your head without bopping up and down.

The on/off button is positioned on the top and can be easily accessed. The light features five modes: low spot which is a red light (10m), low flood (15m), medium spot (15m), high spot (40m) and high flood (40m). Pushing the on/off button takes you through the different modes and light intensities or you can simply swipe your hand in front of the light to change modes. Trademarked by Coleman as Kinesix, this feature enables you to choose the lighting you require without having to touch any buttons. This touch-free operation is simply amazing and works an absolute treat – it is. of course. the kids’ favourite function.

Another unique feature Coleman has trademarked is called ADAPTIX. This brand new technology automatically adjusts the light beam, depending on what you’re doing at the time. You press the on/off switch for three seconds to engage distance detection mode.

Like most battery-driven Coleman products, the Vanquish headlamp incorporates the Battery Lock function. You simply pull the front and rear body of the lamp until a red area shows. This locked mode disengages the battery to prevent loss of charge, ensuring your headlamp will last a long time.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the lamp can be fully recharged in six hours, using an USB port. The Vanquish Headlamp throws out 300 lumens which makes it a great light for any outdoor situation.

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Product test Coleman Vanquish 300 Ll Headlamp endurance light