Caravan World — 18 January 2010

The NiteIze Figure 9 Carabiner is a stainless steel rope-tightener and tensioning system designed to eliminate the need for tying, adjusting and untying knots.

You can use it to bundle objects together and secure loads to vehicles, attach it in the middle of a rope to hang a banner, or tighten any rope with a fixed anchor point.

The design works by attaching the Carabiner clip to a fixed point, and looping the rope through the two laser-marked instruction points – then simply pull the rope tight to keep it tight.

It’s available from outdoor and camping for $15.95 (large size) or $9.95 (small size), or with rope for $26.95 (large size) or $25.95 (small size, twin-pack). For more information, contact Zen Imports on (02) 9807 9922, or visit


Caravan World carabiner NiteIze

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