Caravan World — 14 December 2009

Projecta introduces its Intelli-Charge series of seven-stage chargers, with individual settings for gel, AGM, wet and calcium batteries. Scroll to select the battery’s chemistry type and the Intelli-Charge will modify its charging technique for greater battery performance and longer life.

The chargers are easy to operate and have large LED displays. Models deliver between 7-50A, with some having adjustable outputs.

The Intelli-Charge seven-stage process prepares the battery for charging, increasing its charge speed for a portion of the charge, before slowing it down, to deliver a speedy charge time with a reduced risk of overcharging. A recondition setting helps return batteries to their original storage capacities. Higher Amp models have a float mode, so that batteries connected to devices can stay attached to the charger, and be topped up as needed without overcharging.

All chargers have remotes and come with shock- and dust-proof aluminium casing. The circuit boards are coated against moisture and dust. Projecta Intelli-Charge chargers retail from $249 for the 7A IC700 to $999 for the 50A IC5000.

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