Tony Allsop — 27 November 2009

Caravan Care has released a vinyl awning arm cover suitable for almost all vans, motorhomes and other RVs with extending awning arms. As well as protecting the arms from stone chips, dirt, flying insects, etc., they also guard against the awning unexpectedly opening while travelling.

Constructed from heavy-grade vinyl, the covers are shaped on the bottom end to cover the handle, while industrial velcro is the closing medium.

I’ve had them on my van for approximately 3000km now, travelling on sealed and dirt roads. I find them very easy to wrap around the arm and close, while they’re just as easy to remove when you arrive at your destination.

After many opening and closings they are still in perfect condition. I just wipe them over with a wet rag when required. The fact that they keep the arms clean makes opening the awning a cleaner job and you can hang your towels, etc., over the arms with no fear of them being covered in dirt.

They cost $72 and are available online at, or by phone on (07) 3851 2813. Dealers are currently being arranged. – Tony Allsop


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