Gear: Swift RV cooker with fan

Caravan World — 24 March 2009

Australian cookware manufacturer, Swift Appliance Group, has released a fan-forced oven suitable for RVs.

The oven and four-burner cooktop connects to LPG when installed in an RV, or to natural gas when fitted in the home. The fan, which can be switched on or off when cooking, operates on 240AC.

The cooktop has three gas burners, one of which is suitable for woks and a 1000W electric element, for when your gas supply is low. The fan-forced cooker has a two piece knob that’s easy to read. Steeletto glass reduces the heat loss keeping the front of the cooker cooler.

Swift Appliance Group believes its fan-forced oven is the first available that’s suitable for Australian RVs. The four-burner oven and cooktop retails for $1400. The unit is available from Swift Appliance Group or you can request it when you purchase your RV.

See it at the NSW Caravan, Camping, 4WD and Holiday Supershow.


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