Phil Lord — 9 June 2009

The faithful Holden Rodeo has been rebadged as the Holden Colorado. Phil Lord puts the Colorado LX Turbo Diesel 4WD Crew Cab through its paces and find out what else has changed.

"When General Motors lost the rights to use the Rodeo nameplate with the sale of Isuzu in 2006 – it left the Australian arm of the company, Holden, with a problem: how to replace the venerable Rodeo ute. Isuzu was happy enough to keep building the vehicle for Holden, but not with the Rodeo name. So Holden used the Colorado name used by Chevrolet Thailand to market the Chev-badged Rodeo.

"So the Holden Colorado released last year, model designation RC, is a facelifted Rodeo... with the 2008 Colorado update, the Holden ute gained all-new front sheetmetal, new taillights, dual front airbags and air-conditioning across the range.



"With a maximum towing capacity of 3000kg braked, the Colorado is quite a good towing performer. The unladen van we used had a Tare of 1867kg and TBM of 195kg. Holden recommends that load levellers be used 'if vehicle attitude compromised'. As the rear dropped only 25mm, we decided to test the vehicle without the load levellers. Stability was acceptable but some slight twitching suggested that the Colorado could certainly benefit from the load levellers.

"The Colorado settles into a comfortable cruise between 90 and 100km/h at around 2000rpm. Climbing our test hill, the Colorado was a strong performer that got very noisy but held speed well, and engine braking downhill was quite good."



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