Qld Luxury Tax Affects Motorhomers

CW Staff — 12 September 2018
QLD Taxes causing controversy

The Queensland Government's plan to raise the state's luxury vehicle tax will have a huge impact on Grey Nomads and a flow-on effect to tourism, says Caravanning Queensland.
An additional vehicle registration duty of $2 per $100 (2 per cent) or part thereof applies to new or used vehicles valued at more than $100,000 and weighing less than 4.5 tonne if registered or transferred on or after July 1, 2018.
Jason Plant, General Manager Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Queensland (Caravanning Queensland) says the tax increase is targetted at buyers of luxury cars but motorhomes are being caught in the crosshairs.
“It is not realistic to put a motorhome owner in the same class as an owner of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or similar vehicle,” he said. “Grey Nomads represent the largest market of motorhome buyers and owners in Queensland, with many selling their home or using their hard-earned Superannuation to purchase the vehicle in the hopes of achieving lifelong dreams of travelling around the country.
“For many buyers, adding thousands of dollars to the purchase price upon registration is simply not an option, meaning owning a motorhome will be unachievable.”
State Opposition Leader, MP Deb Frecklington, also condemned the so-called 'Grey Nomad' tax increase.
"They've paid their taxes and now, when they're in the prime of their life when they want to get out and enjoy this beautiful state, they're going to be slugged even more," she told Channel Nine recently.
There is also concern that manufacturers of larger motorhomes will be affected by a downturn in demand, and that tourism, to smaller towns in particular, could suffer.
“Queensland’s Grey Nomads and motorhome manufacturers and dealers are getting a raw deal,” Plant said.
“The implications of this on tourism in Queensland for road holidays will be disastrous as less people purchase recreational vehicles, less people will be hitting the roads and exploring the Outback or Tropical North Queensland and for many, motorhome travellers are the lifeblood of these regions.


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