Compact Melaleuca by Horizon Motorhomes

Ali Millar — 15 June 2017

Built into a long wheelbase Fiat Ducato and coming in at just under 6m (20ft) long, the Melaleuca is the smallest model in Horizon’s range and fits snugly into most standard car spaces, making it an easy tourer for stopping and exploring whenever the fancy takes you – which it did, a lot, while touring the eclectic towns and ever-changing countryside of NSW’s beautiful Northern Rivers region.

It carries two passengers in the comfortable cab up front and sleeps two at the rear, where the lounge converts into a bed (or beds), depending on how you like to travel and who you’re travelling with.

The Melaleuca’s cosy interior has all the essentials for life on the road and given its size, still manages to feel quite spacious.

Despite its small stature, the Melaleuca excels with its well thought-out storage.

There are also a number of thoughtful touches throughout the Melaleuca that I really liked. Firstly, all the fuses, switches and monitoring panels are labelled neatly and tucked away in one of the overhead lockers. Then there are the LED reading lights, conveniently located at each corner of the lounge/bed area as well as over the front cab seats. And while there’s no air-conditioner fitted in the body of the motorhome, an adjustable Sirocco fan is mounted to the roof at the rear to keep you cool, along with a vented roof fan. 

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Horizon Motorhomes Compact Melaleuca


Matt Fehlberg