Domestic Bliss - Kedron XC3 Offroader

Malcolm Street — 6 March 2017

Being a Kedron van, the XC3 is, of course, designed for full offroad use. Customers want something that can accommodate their family, but also handle a bit of the rough stuff, too.

Length matters with offroad caravans – longer ones can be more difficult to handle but there must be a compromise for shorter vans that also need to have a layout that is both practical and comfortable. An external length of 6.6m (21ft 6in) has given the designer a fair bit of latitude and the result is a front island bed with north-south twin bunks in the rear offside corner.

This is certainly a well-appointed caravan. Standard are two 120Ah deep-cycle batteries but this one comes with a 300Ah Enerdrive lithium battery which is roughly equivalent to a 480Ah AGM. There are three (normally two) 150W solar panels to keep the battery charged up. To use all that power an 1800W inverter, wired to all 240V powerpoints, is fitted.

A great family van, which will easily accommodate four people, is fitted with all the essential ‘luxuries’ for perfect caravanning.

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Malcolm Street