Record Numbers For Queensland Caravan Sale

Caravan World Staff — 4 November 2016

Almost 15,000 Queenslanders flowed through the gates of the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Pre-Christmas Sale, with attendance figures up by 184 compared to previous years, and more than $15 million worth of products sold.

The crowds enjoyed displays from almost 100 exhibitors showcasing everything from entry level camper trailers, accessories and camping gear, to top of the range caravans and motorhomes valued at more than $200,000.

“With more than 300 vehicles sold, this is certainly our most successful sale in our 31-year history,” Caravanning Queensland show manager Jason Plant said. 

“We are proud of the legacy we have created in the caravan and camping industry, and we look forward to pulling out all the stops next year to offer customers the best deals in the lead up to Christmas.” 

Dale Lawrence, general manager of Kratzmann Caravans, an exhibitor at the sale, agreed that this year’s sale was the best, with 2.5 times more Kratzmann sales made compared to 2015.

“We have been a part of the sale since the very beginning, and we haven’t seen something like this in years!” Mr Lawrence said. 

“Caravanning is a booming industry, with a consistent increase in the family market; however, we did notice at this year’s sale, a majority of Kratzmann purchases were made by couples.”

The shift in demographic is reflected in the design of caravans with many now containing creature comforts such as ensuites with separate shower and toilet. 

“With a display of 75 vehicles covering seven brands, we noticed a shift towards ensuite caravans with separate shower and toilet including family layouts, making them the best selling products of the event,” Mr Lawrence said. 

Mr Plant acknowledged the shift in the market as more families take up caravanning and camping as their traditional holiday.

“Grey nomads used to be the driving force behind the caravan and camping industry at 25 per cent, but families have taken over and now make up 50 per cent of the industry,” he said. 

“We believe there are opportunities for the family market to grow significantly in the future, and we encourage more families to come along to our shows and sales and see what caravanning and camping is all about.”


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