Caravan World — 5 July 2016

Limited payload capacity is a common bugbear of caravanners, with many adamant that the industry ‘standard’ of 300kg for single-axle vans and 400kg for tandem-axle vans is not enough.

Once you factor in water, gas, and other added extras, it often doesn’t leave enough – or any – room for clothes, food and travelling equipment.

Winnebago has come up with an innovative approach to solve that problem by allowing customers to choose their own payload and aggregate trailer Mass (ATM) on selected new vans.

The ‘Create Your Weight’ initiative, launched at the Brisbane Supershow in June, means buyers of six models across Winnebago’s new Burke and Mossman ranges have three options for their payload and ATM. 

Customers can choose a payload capacity of 300kg, 500kg or 700kg. The Winnebago Burke 580B, for example, weighs in with a Tare weight of 1800kg, meaning its ATM could be either 2100kg, 2300kg, or 2500kg, depending on the customer’s preference.

“This allows us to cater for a wide variety of travellers, and means our customers don’t need to compromise on what’s important to them,” Winnebago’s Richie Fort said.

The 19ft Burke comes in three floor plans, including two three-berth models, while the larger, 22ft Mossman also has three layouts, offering a choice of three, four or five berths, with and without slide-outs.


Winnebago ATM Tare weights payload


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