David Gilchrist — 6 June 2016

Kedron has come up with a stub axle suspension kit that can be easily removed and replaced on the road.

Inside the kit you’ll find everything you need for the job including airbag, guards, jack, replaceable stub axle and airlines. This means that, should you damage a stub axle on the tracks, you should be delayed only a few short hours rather than facing days or even weeks of waiting for parts.

Kedron’s Glen Gall explained how the innovation came about: "This is why everyone’s been waiting for our latest Gall Boys’ Adventures DVD. This suspension recovery kit has turned the industry on its head with the customer travelling in safety and being able to get back on the road quickly and in such a unique way. No one else has got it in the industry. It just makes us proud to be Kedron."

Local member and minister for immigration Peter Dutton was on hand to congratulate the Gall family on 50 years of industry service and to help launch Kedron’s new suspension kit. He said being at the factory reminded him of his first caravan, a 1974 York he bought years ago from Kedron caravans.

He applauded the suspension recovery kit and Kedron’s desire to produce Australian made caravans with Australian made parts and innovation. The minister said he thought the time would come, given the inspiration for innovation shown by Kedron, that he might be drawn away from politics to return as a ‘grey nomad’ to purchase from the Gall boys.

The new suspension recovery kit is fitted in Kedron's latest TopEnder 5. Check out our review of this new release TE5 in an upcoming issue of Caravan World.



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David Gilchrist