Reduce, reuse, recycle on the road

Caravan World — 8 October 2015

Recycling is now part of our daily lives, with 91 per cent of Australians believing that recycling is the right thing to do. But finding recycling options can be more difficult away from home as different councils across Australia accept different items for recycling, and availability of recycling bins can be limited in some places.

Planet Ark has made recycling easier for travellers with their website – a comprehensive recycling directory that lists options for a variety of items and can help you find local recycling locations for anything from normal household recyclables like glass, plastic and metal food containers to electronic waste, batteries and clothing.

With this recycling information at your fingertips, you can easily take your good recycling habits with you on the road!

And with National Recycling Week coming up from November 9-15, now is a good time to get your head around the growing range of packaging and materials we can recycle and help ensure valuable materials are kept out of landfill.

Do the right thing! Visit for more information.


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