Industry training college to improve RV standards

Peter Quilty — 13 August 2015

The Victorian Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert unveiled the National Caravan Industry Training College (NCITC) – hosted by Supreme Caravans in Craigieburn – on July 20.

The college will be run by the Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Victoria (CTIAV) and Wodonga Institute of TAFE.

The NCITC is an innovative partnership between CTIAV and Wodonga TAFE which aims to raise the professionalism and standards of the caravan industry by producing skilled people with nationally-accredited industry qualifications and non-accredited industry-specific training.

The NCITC began taking in enrolments in late August, with part-time training to be delivered in real workplace time and duration of 18-24 months by TAFE trainers and assessors.

Additional partnerships with industry suppliers and professional training facilitators will be responsible for delivering non-accredited industry specific training.


Students completing the accredited training programs will receive a formal qualification in Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacture MSA30610, Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle and Accessories Retailing MSA30710, and Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle - Service and Repair MSA30510.

Apart from student programs, the NCITC will also offer three-day Caravan Industry Supervisors Courses as well as an emerging leaders program which will be part residential /part course work.

Management and technical workshops as well as ongoing industry professional development programs will also be available.

Supporting partners of the NCITC are Caravan Electrical Solutions, Camec, Thetford, G&S Chassis, Dometic, Purple Line, Preston Chassis and Al-Ko International.


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