Malcolm Street — 17 October 2012

Airstream caravans are an iconic American item. Easily identifiable by their unique body and polished aluminium finish, they are to the RV industry what the Douglas DC3 is to the aircraft industry – an apt comparison since both have a true monocoque structure and make heavy use of aluminium.

Airstream caravans have been quite rare in Australia, but now Batemans Bay-based A&A Industries has officially begun importing them. Historic Hyde Park Barrack in the Sydney CBD was the location of the launch. The two Airstream models that will initially be available were on display, along with a couple of Porsche Cayenne tow vehicles.

I was quite impressed with both Airstreams on display. A&A is very familiar with compliance matters and has done its due diligence – not always a quick or cheap process. One of the bugbears of importing a US RV is that the door is on the ‘wrong’ side, with the required nearside door often appearing as a compliance compromise. The additional door added to both Airstream vans, however, was done very well. Instead of looking like an afterthought, it enhanced the general layout, rather than detracting from it. Prices start from $115,000.

For more information, phone A&A Industries on (02) 4472 5200 or visit


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