CW chats to Discover Downunder's newest faces

Caravan World — 12 March 2009

The popular caravaning series Discover Downunder returns to TV, on channel nine Saturdays at four, with three fresh new faces.

Frankie J Holden, Michelle Pettigrove and comedian Dave Grant join Discover favourites Tania Kernaghan and Dean Allen-Craig in presenting the fifth season of travel series for 18 episodes from May 2, 2009.

Australian actor Frankie J Holden (Underbelly), his wife Michelle Pettigrove and five-year old daughter Georgia add a family dimension to Discover, with funny man Dave Grant providing comic relief.

“We’re just thrilled to be working on Discover Downunder because as a family we have always loved staying in caravans and tourist parks. It’s such an Australian way to have a holiday,” said Frankie J Holden.

“I still remember seeing my holiday friends at the beach caravan park we stayed in every year, and we had an absolute ball. I hope Georgia loves it as much as we do… there’s so much to see and do in this big beautiful country,” said Michelle.

When CW caught up with Dave Grant, he admitted that he was impressed with the appointments and technology found in the caravans shown on the Discover Downunder program.

“The difference is quite extraordinary, [compared to 20 years ago]”, said Dave. “Some of them [caravans] have more technology than NASA. Once, caravans rattled down the road, now they’re more like a James Bond hide-out on wheels.”

The new format builds upon Discover’s successful format; long-time fans will continue to enjoy Tania’s warm humour and Dean’s analytical insight, as the whole team presents Australia’s top holiday destinations.

Discover Downunder launches its 2009 series, May 2, Saturday at four, with a new competition: one Kimberley Kamper offroad trailer is up for grabs.


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