Caravan components: 12V Hatches

Peter Quilty — 8 September 2017

Coast To Coast RV Services Maxxfan Plus

RV ventilation has never been easier than with a MaxxFan. They’ve been used in the US RV market since 1988, and they are now exclusively available from Coast to Coast RV Services. The MaxxFan Plus and the MaxxFan Deluxe both have a manual and electric opening option, and they also have a ceiling-mounted control panel that is easy to use and read.

  • RRP: $480
  • Warranty: 12 months Limited
  • Dimensions: 461x420x97mm (closed); 461x420x311mm (open)
  • Weight: 4.4kg
  • Colours: White
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Locking mechanism: n/a


  • Manual/electric opening option
  • Ceiling-mounted control panel

Camec Jensen Roof Vent 12V

The Jensen roof vent has a self-centring device which eliminates installation guesswork and assures perfect alignment in the roof opening. Its radius corners are standard, and the screen allows air through while keeping insects out. The roof vent also comprises an acrylic UV-resistant translucent lid and a 12V fan.

  • RRP: $149
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions: 360x360mm
  • Weight: Not supplied
  • Colours: White
  • Materials: Acrylic with metal base
  • Locking mechanism: Not supplied


  • Self-centreing device
  • UV-resistant lid
  • 12V fan

Camec Fan-Tastic Vent 3350 Power

The Fan-Tastic Vent 3350 Power’s lid automatically closes in rain. Its reversible fan is thermostatically controlled and has a manual knob to close the dome in an emergency. This three-speed fan also comprises a reverse switch for either intake or exhaust, and it draws only 3A maximum and has a built-in 6A fuse which is easily accessible on the face.

  • RRP: $599
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions: 355x355mm
  • Weight: 5.12kg
  • Colours: White lid or smoke lid
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Locking mechanism: Not supplied


  • Rain sensor
  • Reversible fan
  • Easy installation
  • Reverse switch

Coast To Coast RV Services Fiamma Vent Turbo 28 White

The Turbo 28 provides fresh air for your RV’s bathroom or kitchen. It comes with a fan (18cm in diameter), permanent airflow system and mosquito screen. Suitable for installation on roofs with a maximum thickness of 8.5cm.

  • RRP: $249.95
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions: 280x280mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Colours: White
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Locking mechanism: Not supplied


  • Airflow system
  • Mosquito screen
  • 18cm diameter fan
  • Suitable for roof installation

Aussie Traveller 12V Thule Vent

ATRV’s stylish manual Thule vents are available in white, translucent or transparent to perfectly suit your caravan or RV requirements. All Thule vents come with a mosquito screen and a block-out blind, both of which retract completely.

The aerodynamic shape of the Thule vent means that a spoiler is not required and the clever clamp design provides a simple and secure fixing method for a wide range of roof thicknesses. Ventilation occurs even when the lid is closed to ensure that your caravan or RV is never stuffy and the low voltage protector means that it will never flatten your battery if it’s accidentally left on.

With six ventilation speeds, the 12V Thule vent is perfectly suited to all climates. 

  • RRP: $295.52
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions: 400x400mm (inside); 472x459mm (outside)
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Colours: White, transparent or translucent dome and cream inner-frame.
  • Materials: White polypropylene or transparent polycarbonate and ABS, flyscreen and block-out blind
  • Locking mechanism: Locking handle


  • Easy installation without drilling
  • It is not necessary to drill through the roof, except to create the opening itself
  • Roof thickness 25-60mm
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • All materials are made of impact and weather-resistant plastics
  • Adjustable ventilator speed
  • The Thule vent has an energy-saving function, a boost function and a safety mechanism to guard against excess voltage, incorrect connection and blockage
  • Touch control panel with LED indication
  • Mosquito screen
  • Block-out blind

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