Bailey West2East: From WA to NSW

Max Taylor — 22 October 2015

There’s nothing we like more at Caravan World than putting new vans through their paces, so when the Bailey Australia crew told us they were heading off on a two week, cross-continent challenge with their latest prototype Rangefinder vans, we jumped at the chance to tag along.

Starting at the most westerly caravan-accessible point of Denham, WA, and finishing at the most easterly point at Byron Bay, NSW, the West2East Challenge covered more than 8300km, including 2200km of unsealed and corrugated terrain via the Great Central Road which, at 1126km, is Australia’s longest major outback highway. A somewhat demanding test for the new vans, you could say.

Crossing the outback was the ultimate (and incredibly picturesque) finale to a demanding six-month program of testing ahead of the Rangefinders’ public release.

The full feature appeared in Caravan World #543 November 2015.


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