Spa Bath Van Cruiser caravan: Unveiled

Michael Browning — 29 June 2015

Van Cruiser founder Enzo Gnocato is well known in the caravan industry for his quirky colours and concepts.

He’s getting into more ‘hot water’ with a unique Spa Bath Van Cruiser caravan that’s due to drop plenty of jaws when it greets the public at the Border RV Caravan & Camping Expo from August 14-16 and Melbourne Leisurefest from October 8-11.

The transverse rear full-size bath with four spa jets and a large domestic ‘rain shower’ above is built into the rear ensuite of a new 21ft 10in external length Van Cruiser model called the Grange and will be an option on future models.

“Lots of people enjoy spa baths at home, so why not on holiday?” explained Enzo Gnocato. 

Intended for use when the Grange is connected to a town water supply, rather than drawing from its twin 95-litre fresh water tanks, the spa’s water is delivered hot via an Endless instantaneous gas hot water system. An enclosed glass shower screen is then employed when rinsing off the suds under the ‘rainwater’ shower.

Other cutting edge features incorporated in the new Grange are its ‘waterfall’ bench tops that continue their Laminex cladding down the sides and a new Zip Hydrotap that delivers filtered, chilled or boiling water on demand.

However most people won’t get past the visual challenge of the Grange show van’s distinctive ‘Pebble-coat look’ epoxy resin floor coating, which is also applied to the van’s lower external flanks which Gnocato usually likes to clad with brightly coloured Alucobond.

The three-coat epoxy coating is applied to marine plywood as an alternative to vinyl flooring and is much tougher, according to Gnocato, while as it is 100 per cent waterproof and virtually stone-proof, he says it also makes an ideal exterior coating.

“It’s pretty indestructible,” he said, “and the colours and textures are virtually limitless, so it provides a lot more opportunities for people to personalise their caravans.”

Enzo Gnocato recommends strongly that customers exit and completely drain their spa baths before towing.


Spa Bath Van Cruiser caravan bath hot water system