Caravanning tips from the pros: March

Tony & Denyse Allsop — 17 March 2015

1. The easiest way to prevent your coat hangers falling off the rail while travelling is to have the hooks facing towards you.

2. Awning arm covers keep your awning arms clean and prevent stone chips, as well as preventing the awning from opening while travelling. They are held together with strong industrial velcro and are available from

3. A strong dog collar will help hold your awning arm secure while travelling.

4. Denyse made this cover which fastens with velcro to stop wind unfurling the awning and to keep most of the rain out while travelling, reducing mould formation.

5. We had these aluminium stabiliser feet made very cheaply. They fold up onto the leg with a wire clip for travel rather than left dangling.

6. Denyse made these gas cylinder covers from heavy vinyl to protect them from stone damage and dirt. An opening at the back allows easy access for turning on and off.

7. A cheap stubby holder (zip-up, bottle type) is great protection for your electrical connections when disconnected.

8. Everything in our van boot is kept neat and tidy with clips on the wall, and the electric cord hangs from a hook. Note the self-adhesive LED light on the ceiling.

9. We painted our tent pegs white so they are easy to see when packing up.

10. Luminous cylinders on our awning ropes make them easy to see at night – available in camping shops for $10 for four.

11. We carry a long and a short water hose: they click together with a joiner to make an extra long hose if required. After use, we drain out the water and join the ends of each hose together with the same joiner to stop leakage in the boot.

12. We carry two sullage hoses: one short and one long. When travelling, the ends of each hose are joined together as in the picture. We can also join the hoses together to make an extra long hose.

13. No fancy fittings for us: simple is best. The sullage hose joiner just fits directly into the caravan outlet.

14. As we spend quite a bit of time offroad, we have installed a marine foot pump instead of a 12V water pump (12V pumps use a lot of power and tend to waste water). This pump sits in the cupboard and does not extend under the van.


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