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CW Staff — 22 July 2014

Are you an experienced traveller or is this your first road trip? Either way we've pulled together a selection of tips and tricks to get your next caravan adventure off the ground. From preparing your vehicle for the road and loading it with the essentials to lighting a campfire and taking beautiful photographs of your journey, read on for the ultimate Australian road trip guide.

Planning and preparation

It's not all about packing enough beer you know! There are some pretty simple tools to pack that will get you through the best and worst of times on the road.

Preparing a rig

Find out how to prepare your caravan properly before you hit the road.

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Packing essentials

Discover the items that will ensure your road trip runs smoothly.

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Going on a long trip

Going away for an extended period? Here's everything you need to know.

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Surviving bad weather

Folllow our top tips to minimise dangerous driving in woolly weather.

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Money and resources

You don't have to have a big budget to have a good time. Learn how to manage your finances, balance your books and curb your spending during your travels.

Choosing a fuel

Is diesel, petrol or LPG the most economical fuel for towing a caravan?

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Saving money

The experts reveal tried and tested tips for reducing travel expenses.

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Road safety

Just because you've towed a caravan before doesn't mean you can get complacent. Brush up on your towing skills and learn correct road etiquette.

Towing a caravan

Before you hitch up your rig check out tips for safe, fuss-free towing.

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Sticking to road rules

Navigate the complicated world of caravan courtesy from right of way to overtaking.

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Travel photography and apps

Make your friends and family  jealous by taking high quality photos and posting them on Facebook, after you've added a filter using one of these top apps.

Taking photos

Use these travel photography tips to keep a record of your road trip.

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Downloading apps

Make use of the top touring apps from maps and weather tracking to communication tools.

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Finally, to the all-important subject of camping. Are you the designated camp cook or do you leave the work to someone else? Find out how to impress with fire skills.

Lighting a fire

The tools you need to keep the campfire burning and whip up some gourmet delights.

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Travelling with dogs

Check out the best ways to accommodate your furry best friend on your next camping trip.

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