Retro 1956 Supalite Caravan

Susan & Keith Hall — 10 April 2014

We have met vintage caravan enthusiast Glenn Redman many times at vintage van get-togethers over the past seven years. Nearly every time we meet, he is
caravanning in a different van. Each has been a retro caravan restored to its original, or maybe better than original, condition. All Glenn’s vintage caravans have a distinct personality of their own, and he has given each one a nickname, painted flamboyantly on the side or rear of the van. There has been a Matilda and a Rosie and a teardrop caravan called the Splinter Hilton.

So when we attended the Vintage Caravan National Meeting in Cowra, NSW, we weren’t surprised to see that Glenn had the name Old Blue painted on his recently-restored 1956 Supalite Cadet caravan. In fact, we could even guess why he had chosen the name.

Back in 2007, we photographed an amazing retro-style teardrop caravan that Glenn had built out of pieces of junk. Bill, his blue heeler cattle dog, was there and posed next to the van for some of the photos. Sadly, Bill passed away a few years later. But his memory now lives on in the name of the vintage Supalite.


retro_readers_rigs retro vintage caravan 1956 supalite


Susan & Keith Hall