Travelling North?

Tony Allsop — 22 December 2012

Each year, fuel prices seem to be climb higher; caravan park site fees generally increase; offroad, free or low price camping areas fill up quickly; and many van parks are putting in more cabins with fewer powered sites for vans.

Even National Park fees appear to be on the increase and it’s a pain trying to reserve a site on the internet or by mobile phone where there is no reception.

As Denyse and I travel around writing stories and shooting videos for Caravan World, we come across travellers who mention these things and tell us they may not travel so far on their next trip.

But popular van parks always appear to be full in the northern tourist season as well as most western parks, and we haven’t really noticed a drop in caravan numbers on the road. In fact, caravan production is increasing, so I guess there will always be someone ready to go off to enjoy this great lifestyle.

This coming trip we will head south around March before coming back to northern Australia for the winter.

So will you be travelling as far as you normally would this year? Have the increases in fees and fuel made a difference? Perhaps you’ll be staying in more free camps than previously? Do you prefer National Parks and Forestry Reserves? And have you made any plans to cut down your expenses?

Oh, and say hello if you see Denyse and I on the road. Our names are on our van spare wheel cover.


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