Caravan World — 27 February 2010

One of the many useful items in any travellers’ gear is a mp3 or iPod player. Small, compact and available in various storage sizes, the player is an excellent substitute for carrying stacks of CDs or cassette tapes of your favourite music. They can usually be plugged in or transmitted to most modern cars or RV sound systems.

In Australia, where long distances have to be travelled, mp3s are an excellent resource for “talking books” which previously were only available on either tape or CD. Audible books while away many long hours on the road or in the air.

Users of iTunes will be aware that it’s quite easy to download audio books from there but an economic alternative is to use the ( website. has a variety of plans available, depending on usage. Dymocks ( the booksellers has a similar arrangement.
You can do the maths to figure the best deal.


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