Rob van Driesum — 12 August 2009

In the August 2009 edition of CW, we asked you to answer the question, “what makes Fraser Island so special?” in 30 words or less, for your chance to win one of six copies of Hema Maps’The Fraser Island Atlas and Guideby CW’s own deputy editor Rob van Driesum.

TheFraser Island Atlas and Guideexplains in great detail Fraser Island’s history, flora, fauna and geography, to help your make the most out of your trip. The guide is well supported by a complete atlas of the island and breakout maps throughout the text of popular tourist drives and bushwalking tracks. 

Read the responses from our winning island dreamers below.

“Fraser Island is unique in its history and natural features; it is special in the fact that there are very few permanent inhabitants.” – Lauralee Golinski. 

“It is the largest sand island in the world. The beaches are pristine and the waters crystal clear. The climate is one to be desired and great for holidays.” – Joe Potter. 

“ reminds me of many school holidays we travelled to as kids. The long drive from Melbourne with my four brothers and sister in the back of dad’s HQ panelvan.” – DM Rippon. 

“...the surroundings are so natural and undamaged and the peace and tranquillity is amazing – a real getaway from the hectic pace of everyday life!” – Cheryl Nielsen. 

“The lakes, creeks and beaches are excellent subjects for photography and great places to see birds and other fauna / flora. Enjoy scenic 4WD circuits, walking tracks and sandy beaches.” – Kellie Leahy. 

Congratulations to all of our prize winners and thank you to everyone who participated. 

Image credit: “Beware of creek drop offs along Fraser Island’s Seventy Five Mile Beach”, says journalist Rob van Driesum.


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