Enhance towing safety with MSA 4x4 Towing Mirrors

Editorial Team — 20 July 2023
Tow with confidence using MSA 4x4 Towing Mirrors. ADR compliant, adjustable, and designed for optimal visibility.

MSA 4x4 Accessories has put a lot of time and research into creating the perfect towing mirrors for your vehicle. The patented MSA 4x4 Towing Mirrors are designed for towing caravans, campers, trailers, boats and horse floats, and give optimum visibility by offering full vision of the road and traffic on either side of the vehicle. The mirrors can be adjusted to what best suits you and your vehicle and come in four different positions for any situation. Additionally, when the mirror is rotated horizontally, the mirror’s actuator automatically adapts, allowing for standard adjustments (up, down, side to side) with the vehicle’s standard mirror controller. 

The MSA 4x4 Towing Mirrors have a slightly curved feature on the glass for enhanced vision. They also feature a large single mirror that pivots on a very sturdy extension, which assists in more visibility and less vibration. These mirrors mount onto a vehicle door in the same position as the existing mirrors and retain most factory functions.

These market-leading towing mirrors are ADR compliant. Safety is highly regarded at MSA 4x4, and ensuring customers feel protected while using MSA 4x4 products is a high priority. Another great aspect of this product is the accompanying five-year warranty. 

The MSA 4x4 Towing Mirrors have injected moulded die cast aluminium components that deliver a high-quality mirror to withstand Australian conditions. And in 2020, this product won the SEMA Global Media Award, an award program that took place in Las Vegas, USA. 

MSA 4x4 Accessories strives to provide the best quality product and are consistently looking into different opportunities to refine and improve all product ranges. Ensuring that all products are kept up to date with all safety requirements is a top priority for MSA 4x4. To find out more, head over to MSA 4x4 Accessories' website.


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