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Editorial Team — 29 June 2023
Whether it's on or off road travel, having reliable power sources on board can ensure your journey doesn’t come to an unplanned halt.

While your packing list might start off with food, water, camping gear and so on, having an adequate and reliable power source is essential for keeping all your electrical appliances, fittings and necessary tech charged and ready to go whenever you need them. 

Modern batteries have come a long way, particularly with the advent of lithium batteries that have been a game changer in terms of charging efficiency, power density, their longer battery life and overall lighter packing — which is always a bonus for those trying to keep their RV weight down. 

Above and beyond

iTechworld is a proudly Australian family-owned and operated company, and for the past 17 years has been continually pushing itself to produce new and improved power solution products that reflect Australian innovation and are also designed for Aussie customers and conditions.

The iTECH120X PRO 12.8V Lithium Battery is one of the new and top tier additions to iTechworld’s range, alongside the JS80 3000A Jump Starter and the iTECH1300P Lithium Power Station. Other products include portable generators, folding solar panel blankets and inverters. 

The company’s new iTECH120X PRO battery is a leading product on the market, with 10 years of extensive design behind it to ensure it is a premium product for all kinds of adventurers. A new and more powerful version of the ever-popular iTECH120X Lithium Battery, the iTECH120X PRO 12.8V/120Ah Lithium Battery is ideal for anyone wanting to head off the grid, or simply have a reliable deep cycle battery backup for whenever the need strikes. 

Much like the existing iTECH120X, the new iTECH120X PRO is a lithium drop-in replacement for exciting systems, making it easy for those who already own a lead-acid or AGM battery to simply pull out the existing system and drop in either of the iTechworld lithium batteries. Both iTECH120X batteries work with 99 per cent of chargers.

The iTECH120X PRO offers 100 per cent usable capacity, allowing you to utilise the full 120Ah stored in the battery, rather than the 50 per cent of usable amps a lead-acid battery can supply. It is not recommended for lead-acid or AGM batteries to be discharged below 50 per cent, as the heat produced when charged back up can damage the cells and significantly reduce the lifespan. Comparatively, lithium batteries can be discharged to a higher level safely, providing more usable amps with no long-term effects — much to the delight of all travellers who enjoy heading off the grid.

Ready to ride

The iTECH120X PRO is the toughest deep-cycle battery iTechworld has ever built. Designed to withstand Australia’s environment, the battery is IP67 waterproof rated, meaning you can submerge it under 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. While this might not be necessary for many motorhome setups, you can rest easy that it can be stored safely in exterior storage boxes. Weighing in at 12.5kg, the iTECH120X PRO is a lighter option than lead-acid or AGM batteries that can weigh up to 30kg — so you can either ride easy with a lighter load or make space for those luxuries you’ve always wanted to take on the road. 

The design of this new battery features a new prismatic cell design, different to the type used in its predecessor. This new design offers more vibration resistance and stability for rough terrain with vibration dampening technology. Additionally, the iTECH120X PRO incorporates an all-new supercharged BMS allowing for less cell degradation. The battery is also suitable for under-bonnet applications, although iTechworld recommends using a heat shield. Please note, while the iTECH120X PRO is tough and ready to go, it cannot be used as a cranking battery.

Owners can also enjoy a longer lifespan of up to 4000 cycles with high current use, giving you approximately 10+ years of life, compared to the three-five years you might expect with a good quality AGM. The recommended charge current for the iTECH120X PRO is 1-60A, but the product is capable of going up to 100A. Enjoy a discharge current of 270A with peak discharge in five seconds, compared to the approximate 40A discharge rate of a lead-acid battery. To put the power in other terms, the iTECH120X PRO will run a fridge for four or more days, based on a 1A draw, double what you might expect of a non-lithium battery.

With an extensive Australian warranty of five years, even for under bonnet use, travellers can rest easy knowing that the team at iTechworld will be able to help. 

The iTECH120X PRO is available for purchase online or you can contact iTechworld’s Australian sales team on 1300 483 249.

For more information about the iTECH120X PRO or iTechworld’s other products, head over to its website.


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