The Ampfibian RV-PLUS: A smart choice

Editorial Team — 15 June 2023
The RV-PLUS power adaptor by Ampfibian is the solution for safe and legal power connection.

The problem of connecting a 15A RV to a 10A power supply has vexed many an RV owner. Stories of do-it-yourself cords, endearingly labelled ‘death leads’ by some in the industry, include cautionary tales of overloaded power points, blown out sockets at risk of overheating and occasionally fires. Legally, financially and in respect to voiding insurance policies, it’s too big of a risk to take.

Happily, the team at Ampfibian has developed the RV-PLUS power adaptor to safeguard what for many is their most possession. Designed by actual caravanners for their own caravans and motorhomes, these power adaptors are portable, easy to use and allow safe connection between your 15A RV to any domestic 10A power point.

Featuring a built-in miniature circuit breaker (MCB) which limits all power supply to 10A, the RV-PLUS protects power points and wiring from overheating, while the integrated residual current device (RCD) offers protection against electrocution. Weatherproof rated up to IP55, the RV-PLUS has a two-year product warranty. Adventurers can try the MAX power adaptor for extra durability and coverage.

As a portable accessory, these adaptors are ideal for travel and only need to plug in at a family member or mate’s house. They also allow you to charge your batteries and cool down your fridge before you set off on a trip – safely and legally.

Ampfibian’s impressive range can be found at hardware or RV accessory stores, or head over to Ampfibian's website.


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