Australia’s Ultimate Power and Battery Management Solutions: Projecta

Amelia Mansell — 25 May 2023
Discover Projecta's wide range of power management solutions including lithium batteries, jump starters, inverters, and more.

With a company heritage dating back to 1989, Projecta has established itself as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of high-quality battery maintenance and power products. Renowned for its extensive range that can power any kind of adventure, Projecta has solidified its place in the market.

Providing battery and power solutions for all kinds of applications, from recreation through to farming, Projecta is based in the Melbourne suburb of Knoxfield and its facility covers 14,000 square metres. It is here that all products are designed, engineered and tested by the knowledgeable Projecta team before being shipped off to the company’s many stockists. 

Projecta’s wide and growing range of power management products ensures this brand stands out in the market. The team’s development program continually strives to advance and incorporate new technology and products into its range and has recently released a catalogue with more than 180 new and upgraded Projecta products to the RV market.

This new range of elite battery and power management solutions includes the launch of Projecta’s new Intelli-Grid power management systems and lithium battery range. Other products to receive an upgrade or expansion include its DC-DC chargers, power inverters, battery chargers and off-grid power solutions. All this aids Projecta’s mission to provide the widest range of battery and power products on the Australian market. 

All Projecta products are designed, engineered and tested to stringent quality standards to ensure market-leading power, reliability and functionality. Additionally, it strives to make power solutions simple and accessible for users, with integrated and connected full-system solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the user. 

The company’s after-sales support services allow customers to speak directly with Projecta’s dedicated support system who will walk through all DIY installations and technical questions. Or head over to the online Projecta Community Group where professionals and enthusiasts alike band together to share their knowledge, answer questions and upload video demonstrations. Customers can also rest easy with leading warranty services that back each product. Projecta has recently upgraded the warranties for many of its products, including battery chargers, IP range inverters and lithium batteries, giving customers five-years of warranty backed usage. 


Lithium Batteries

Projecta’s lithium battery range was launched late last year, providing powerful, safe and reliable products backed by six years of comprehensive development and testing. Projecta’s parent company, Brown & Watson International, was able to share its extensive experience and technology regarding lithium iron phosphate products, ensuring Projecta’s range reflected the company’s stringent standards. 

The new 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery (LB100) provides a true 100 discharge current, capable of powering 1000W inverters, plus your fridge, and is compatible with Projecta’s Intelli-RV range, battery chargers, inverters and lithium battery monitors. The built-in BMS protects and extends the life of the battery, delivering over 2000 cycles. Projecta utilises lithium iron phosphate technology, ensuring not only quality but safety as well. The LB100 is equivalent to a 160Ah lead-acid battery and can be discharged down to 20 per cent depth of discharge without reducing the life of the battery. And with a weight of only 14kg, it’s suitable for adventures of all kinds. 

The second new lithium battery to be released in Projecta’s 180 product upgrade is the 12V High Discharge 100Ah Lithium Battery (LB100-BT), which is an ideal companion for 4WDs and RVs that require plenty of power. Not only does the LB100-BT have an impressive 150A high discharge, it can also monitor the battery status via a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, allowing owners to check the State of Charge of the battery (SOC%) easily with the power level indicator. Much like its LB100 counterpart, this battery features the same safety, technology, reliability and weight advantages (12kg), and is compatible with Intelli-RV and other Projecta lithium products. 

Intelli-Start Lithium Jump Starters 

With more than 30 years of experience Projecta knows what end users need when it comes to jump starters. They need their jump starter ready to go at any time with an expectation it will be safe, reliable and portable.

One of the smartest jump starters on the market, the Projecta Intelli-Start Jump Starters utilise the patented Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) which can recharge directly from the vehicle it has just started in only 40 seconds. This means that you’ll always have a jump starter ready to go whenever or however often you might need it, rather than being left high and power-dry with a flat jump starter. 

The IS1220 Jump Starter

While the range varies in physical size, all remain lightweight which travellers will appreciate, and with lithium iron phosphate technology they are very safe and easy to use. 

The Intelli-Start range features several jump starters designed for different applications. The IS920 and IS1220 are designed for emergency use, while the IS1400 is for both emergency and trade applications. The IS1500 is Projecta’s long-standing trade powerhouse jump starter. The IS2000 has 12V and 24V output and is an ideal option for all trade applications. Last but by no means least, the industrial options include the IS3000 and IS5000, which have enough power to start almost any equipment.

Intelli-Wave Inverters

Projecta’s Intelli-Wave Inverter range was not overlooked in the new upgrade release, ensuring there is an option to suit whatever needs powering around your RV. The range was expanded to include the IP1500, which is a compact unit ideally suited for powering appliances such as your trusty coffee machine, and the IP3000 which is the most powerful inverter in the range. The IP3000 features an RCD ‘cut-out’ switch for safety, ECO mode and an AC transfer switch. 

The IP2000 Inverter

The IP inverter range has grown with the addition of these two new models, which now join the existing IP1000 and IP2000. Remarkably, all IP inverters enjoy a start-up power time of only three seconds, making them capable of starting larger devices than other comparable inverters. The range has recently been upgraded to feature a five-year warranty.


The Intelli-RV is Projecta’s all-in-one power management unit for RVs and caravans, making battery power and solar management easier than ever. The system provides a single, centralised wiring location, and utilises the remote control and monitoring options to stay informed and in command of the system. 

The IDC25X DC-DC Charger


Like the Intelli-RV, the Intelli-Grid is a full AC and DC mobile high power management system designed for 12V 2kW and 3kW and 48V 3kW systems — perfect for running all the comforts of your home on the road. The system is connected via CAN bus communication, meaning you can add components to the Intelli-Grid as required. Each component communicates through the system, meaning it gives you not only 50 per cent extra battery life but also a system that is truly modular and can be customised to suit your unique requirements. 

Ready, set, go

The more than 180 new and upgraded products in the latest Projecta catalogue are simply some of the most notable or unique advancements within Projecta’s wide range of battery and power management products. Whether you are looking for a product to suit your home on the road, provide power around camp or take your off-the-grid adventures even further — Projecta has plenty of options to fulfil your requirements. For more information about its products, head over to Projecta's website.


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