BMPRO releases new DC-DC charger range

John Ford — 27 April 2023
BMPRO launches a rugged, robust and versatile DC-DC charging solution for a dual battery setup

Leading RV power management leader BMPRO recently released its new ProBoost range of DC-DC chargers, tested to perform in Australia’s harshest climates. “When developing ProBoost, BMPRO set out to launch a rugged, robust and versatile DC-DC charging solution for a dual battery setup in your 4x4, SUV or ute that also allowed flexible installation for any type of adventure,” said Brad Hooper, BMPRO marketing manager. 

“The result is a product finely engineered and tested to ensure your battery is charged up and your 12V DC accessories are ready to go on arrival – whether that be your camping fridge keeping your drinks cold or your 12V lighting ready for the first night at camp,” Brad continued. 

ProBoost is ideal for adventurers of all types, allowing you to use your devices when parked without interfering with the vehicle’s main battery, and also charging a second battery for even longer offroad adventures.

Durability is front and centre with the ProBoost range, and it is suitable for engine bay installations as well as in the vehicle canopy or cabin. It can withstand fully sealed, potted and rugged roads, not to mention heat, dust, mud and the vibration of corrugated roads. 

ProBoost is compatible with all common battery chemistries including lithium LiFePO4 and lead acid. The high-power density design of this innovation provides charging efficiencies of up to 95%. The battery chemistry can be changed at the touch of a button. 

If running on solar, ProBoost blends both the solar and auxiliary inputs of a vehicle together simultaneously to ensure there is always a consistent charge to the secondary battery. It includes a full in-built MPPT solar regulator to maximise solar input.

ProBoost is suitable for both standard and smart vehicle alternators and a range of protective features are built into the charger such as overtemperature, overvoltage and undervoltage protection to guard the battery’s charging capacity. This new range complements BMPRO’s existing MiniBoost range of 12V DC-DC chargers which are specifically designed to work with BMPRO’s battery management systems. 

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