Apollo introduces two next generation Adria Adora caravans

Amelia Mansell — 27 February 2023
Aussies looking for a sleek, easy-to-tow imported caravan should take a look at European-built Adria’s newest generation Adora range.

Two new Australian-spec Adora models have joined Brisbane-based Apollo’s Adria caravan range: the Adora 492DT Sport (18ft 4in) and the Adora 542PH Sport (19ft 11in).

Adora 492DT Sport

The smaller of the two new additions, the Adora 492DT Sport is a two-berth, single axle van that has plenty of features that will entice Aussie travellers, as well as a sleek and robust design.

 Most noticeably is the large panoramic window that is found on many European vans, perfect for adventurers always seeking new horizons and breathtaking views. The large, curved window opens up the sense of space in the front living area and provides plenty of natural light and ventilation. And with the dinette that transforms into a generously sized forward east-west double bed, owners can enjoy a premium view as they eat, or of the night sky as they drift off to sleep.

An 18.5in HD LED TV is mounted in the living area, and there is enough storage for owners to stay away as long as they need. The plush grey lounge seating is complemented by the timber features throughout the van’s interior, creating an elegant and welcoming aesthetic. This is augmented by ambient LED lights fitted over the upper cabinetry around the van.

The kitchen is situated in the middle of the van, and is complete with a full oven and grill, microwave, and three-burner cooktop with hinged glass cover. A 165L Thetford fridge/freezer is located within easy reach of the door. At the rear of the van is a full width ensuite, with a Thetford cassette toilet, separate shower and vanity – ideal for any couples wanting a luxurious escape.

Adora 542PH Sport

At 19ft 11in, the Adora 542PH Sport is another single-axle contemporary, lightweight van perfect for couples, small families or friends wanting to hit the road. This van features the desirable north-south queen island bed layout at the front, complete with surrounding storage. The dinette in the middle of the van can be converted into a single bed when needed or used to enjoy the conveniently mounted 18.5in HD LED TV.

Due to this different layout, the 542PH does miss out on the full-width ensuite. Instead, there is a combination shower-toilet bathroom instead, which some might consider less-user friendly compared to the 492DT. The large panoramic window is also omitted in the 542PH design, but there are still plenty of windows for natural light and ventilation.

The kitchen is split, with the stainless-steel sink, three-burner gas cooktop with glass lid and oven and grill located on the rear wall, and the 165L fridge/freezer and microwave situated nearby on the side wall, opposite the dinette. Ambient LED lights over the cupboards throughout the van offers a touch of luxury. The 542PH shares a similar interior aesthetic to the 492DT, with a grey, white, black and timber colour palette that will remain timeless and welcoming.

Storage takes up the remaining space in the caravan, offering plenty of capacity in the kitchen, overhead cupboards above the dinette, and a half-robe by the fridge. The front boot does offer some external storage, but large items such as camp chairs and folding tables will have to be stored in the under-bed storage, which can also be accessed via a locker door on the front offside wall. The underbed storage is also home to the house battery as well as the air-conditioning unit and its ducting. Comparatively, the 492DT lacks this storage space.

Built for Aussies

Both models have been built for Australian conditions and feature the lightweight fully insulated composite body construction that is distinctive of any Adria caravan. The structural fibreglass sandwich body panels are mounted to the hot dipped galvanised AL-KO chassis.

Checkerplate lined sides offer additional protection, and do not detract from the eye-catching silver ‘Sport’ ABS body trim. Additionally, the 492 DT and 542 HP both have 130L of underslung freshwater storage, making it easier for owners to head off road for longer periods. While the spare 215/70R15C wheel is stored in the lockable front boot, alongside the two 4.5kg gas cylinders and other accessories.

While these Adora vans have been designed predominantly for blacktop adventures, they do have the ability to head offroad, but be aware of the ground clearance offered by the 15in alloy wheels and the durability of the highway tyres.

As part of the newly launched Adora 2023 range, these two models offer a unique blend of European luxury and Australian durability.

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