La Vista Caravans Arrived to South Australia!

Robyn Pitman-Williams — 28 September 2022
With domestic demand for quality-built caravans, homegrown caravan company La Vista has opened a new facility in South Australia.

The family-owned company has a firm commitment to producing high-quality caravans that are equipped for both life in caravan parks and rugged offroad adventures.

When COVID-19 made its long-lasting mark on the world, international travel became a thing of the past. Increasingly, holiday-hungry Australians began seeking adventures in the own backyard, and what better way to do it than in a caravan?

Hopeful travellers flocked to caravan dealers, pushing up demand for new rigs and blowing out delivery times. While some manufacturers have struggled under the growing pressure, La Vista has risen to the challenge and has even opened a new dealership and one-stop shop.

La Vista Caravans was opened in Renmark, SA, in May 2022. As well as showcasing the company’s impressive range of quality caravans, the facility offers a one-stop shop for customers’ every caravanning need. A large range of spare parts and accessories are available, as is a workshop to ensure that your pride and joy receives the quality servicing and maintenance it deserves.


So, what makes La Vista so different? Is it the offer of a two-year general warranty and a five-year general warranty? Certainly, commitment to after-sales service is taken very seriously by La Vista, but it’s more than that. The many customers who have joined the La Vista family love their caravans and are always encouraging new buyers to join the fold based on their own positive experiences with the brand. In fact, La Vista caravanners contribute photos of their adventures to the company website to share their holidaying experiences.

La Vista’s broad range is another of the many drawcards that have helped establish it as an industry leader. Aspiring travellers have a wide choice of on-road or offroad rigs. Single or tandem axle, standard beam axle, independent or airbag suspensions, La Vista has you covered. After many years in the industry, La Vista has learnt how to best assist travellers to enjoy the caravanning lifestyle, and it really is a lifestyle. Caravanning is a way of life, and those who enjoy getting away from it all in their own little home on wheels appreciate the company’s wide range of layouts and features.


A great deal goes into building a caravan and each step is important. It all begins with the chassis. All La Vista caravans start with a top-quality Australian chassis from Intelligent Engineering, based in Campbellfield, Vic. This means that not only can you be assured that every aspect of your new caravan is of the highest quality, but you’re also helping to support Australian manufacturing and jobs within the industry.

Intelligent Engineering was established when its founders became aware that caravan manufacturers were struggling to source reliable, high-quality chassis in time for the build. The company built a skilled team of experts to collaborate on every stage of development, ensuring that the highest of quality design features, innovations and workmanship go into every chassis that bears the name Intelligent Engineering.

In line with its commitment to ensure quality at every stage of the build, La Vista uses TuffRide for all extreme on-road and offroad suspension systems and components. Just like La Vista, TuffRide has a dedicated team and is proud of anything that bears the TuffRide name. Real-world testing is the best way to determine if a product fulfils its promised purpose. After all, if you’re taking an offroad van into the red dirt of the Northern Territory and exploring remote communities, you want to be sure that your caravan is up to the task.

All TuffRide products are over-engineered and have undergone serious testing across the Australian outback’s on-road and offroad tracks, with thousands upon thousands of kilometres travelled in adverse conditions, including corrugations, unmaintained dirt roads, mud and ruts, and bitumen roads. La Vista caravans are built tough and are especially suited to Australia’s unique conditions. There is no condition that a La Vista caravan hasn’t been tested for, so you can embark on your adventures with confidence.


Now that the chassis and suspension have been built, it’s time for the rest of the caravan to take shape. The dedicated team at the factory build the walls and furniture, using only top-quality materials. High-quality and reliable brands of appliances are also a must to showcase La Vista’s commitment to top-of-the-range caravans.

Whether you’re planning a Big Lap for two, or seeking a caravan for big family holidays, La Vista has the right option for you. 

Popular models include the Paloma, El Toro, El Toro II, Savina and Quokka. The Quokka is so popular it has both offroad and on-road models. The on-road model is at home in caravan parks and on the bitumen, while the offroad version offers the benefits of lithium batteries with solar, an outdoor shower, stone guard and diesel heating.

Looking for a gritty offroader? The X2 is built for rugged adventure. Equipped with airbags, independent suspension, a self-levelling system, 15.2cm (6in) chassis and a full solar setup, this model will take you where other brands cannot. 

La Vista is truly proud of its products and offerings. “Twice the value, twice the fun, check the quality, it’s second to none,” is one of the favourite sayings of La Vista owner Allan.

To learn more about this family-owned company, check out La Vista Caravans website.


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