Camco De-Flapper

Reviewed by John Ford — 7 April 2022
John Ford tests out this nifty piece of gear that'll keep your awning where it should be

The caravanning lifestyle is supposed to be all about peace and quiet, and there’s something special about relaxing outside on a warm day. Sitting under an awning as the pages of a good book slip by can be as good as it gets, but the annoying slap of vinyl overhead when the wind picks up can soon get pretty annoying.

Many old hands at caravanning will have solved the noise problem in a variety of novel ways, but newcomers might be interested in a quick and easy solution.

The Camco De-Flappers do just what the name says and they are easy to use. Importantly, too, the compact size takes up little space when stored. Our latest van didn’t come with any awning stays so I bought a set for our recent travels to South Australia, where the coastal regions experience regular windy days.

The De-Flappers are made in the USA and seem to be robust and high quality. The De-Flappers grip onto the awning with nylon clamps that are tightened with a sturdy nylon knob. Velcro straps then pass around the awning support arm and are pulled tight to keep the awning in place. We chose the standard kit and found that two clamps give added security. A set with larger clamps is available if you have a big awning.

RRP: $35
Available at many caravan dealers


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