Talking to Jayco about its 2022 range

Editorial team — 6 April 2022
Jayco's 2022 Range

There has been a lot of anticipation and interest in Jayco’s new 2022 range. Can you tell me about the main updates and modifications made, and which models have been upgraded?

The main updates to the 2022 range are across our popular Journey Pop Top, Journey Caravan and Starcraft Caravan ranges. These upgrades include external Andersen plugs suitable for portable solar panel input, and MPPT chargers on Outback models — allowing for greater efficiency from solar panels. Also included on Outback caravan models are upgraded 200W solar panels, new decals design and black accents such as window shields and main entrance doors. 

Further updates include:

  • The ever-popular Starcraft receives white tough frame fibreglass exterior and fresh new graphics
  • All caravans receive an upgraded 600kg payload (n/a Journey 16.51-3) 
  • Journey Caravan, Work’N’Play, Basestation & Silverline Outback models come standard with a 200mm increase to the A-frame
  • Silverline Caravans and All Terrain Pop Tops and Caravans now come standard with a grey water tank
  • All Outback Caravans come equipped with a new rim design, standard 16” Rims and all-terrain tyres (n/a Journey 16.51-3)
  • New tanked hot water service to all Crosstrak Hybrids, Journey Caravan and All Terrain Pop Tops and Caravans
  • USB chargers fitted to all bunk reading lights 

Are you able to provide some insight into Jayco’s reasoning for the upgrades?

The MY22 model upgrades have been carefully considered to improve the function and customer experience when out enjoying their vans. We have listened to our customers feedback and included features that make holidays in their Jayco RVs easier.

Is any new technology being implemented in the 2022 range?

All Outback and Bushpack models receive an external Andersen plug input on the offside for an unregulated portable solar panel. This allows off grid campers the option to use an additional portable solar panel if their van is parked in the shade. MPPT charging has also been added to the Outback range (optional on other selected models) to ensure the onboard batteries are receiving the maximum amount of power even on an overcast day. The standard solar panels on our caravan range have also been increased from 180W to 200W to provide additional solar capacity.

Have there been many challenges involved in launching a new range at a time when the industry is experiencing a major influx of orders?

Component supply in the current climate is particularly challenging for everyone however with significant forward planning we’ve managed to roll out our MY22 model changes without hiccup.

Jayco is an iconic brand in a competitive market. What do you believe will set this new range apart from the rest?

We’ve invested considerable time looking at the function of our products and what customers need from their RV. This has ensured that Jayco continues to appeal to new and existing cussqqswtomers. The continued value for money, focus on customer service with aftermarket support at over 100 service agents nationwide gives our customers piece of mind when choosing a Jayco RV.

With Jayco returning to caravan and camping shows after a two-year pandemic-related hiatus, what can we expect to see at these industry events?

Domestic travel is still proving an exceptionally popular way for people to holiday and with so many newcomers to the RV market, these shows provide a great opportunity to get a hands-on look at our range. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for visitors to ask questions and learn from professionals who are eager to share their wide range of knowledge, not only on Jayco products but on the caravanning lifestyle.


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