Sunliner Habitat HA4

Peter Quilty — 7 March 2019

Sunliner RV’s Habitat HA4 is a quintessential home away from home — a five-star motel on wheels. Quite simply, it takes luxurious motorhome living to a whole new level. This latest creation reflects a motorhome design and manufacturing nous acquired over 45 years. But equally, this Sunliner model is a ‘product of its own environment’ — a natural in its habitat.

The HA4 comes with long range, off-the-grid features such as increased water (250L freshwater; 100L grey water), solar (300W) and battery (200Ah) capacity, an RV battery management system, diesel hot water service, diesel heater, and loads of internal and external storage. It also sports twin 4kg gas cylinders.

Not to mention ultra-impressive multi-terrain capacity like a 4X4 chassis, MT tyres, higher ground clearance (angled-back tail to allow for great exit angle), plus front and rear nudge bars.

And it also boasts an array of security features including a UHF radio, front camera and DVR, 270-degree lighting as well as a front light bar (to investigate things that go bump in the night).

Offroad luxury

Perhaps Sunliner RV’s National Marketing Manager Candice Brittain best sums up this Habitat’s meaning in motorhoming life: “Just because you want to unplug and get away from it all doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable, secure and take a few luxuries with you. The Habitat is easy to drive and use, with no heavy lifting, hitching or messing about. With an electric awning and entry step, you can move through to your motorhome and set up and be enjoying your first beverage in a matter of minutes.”

For this review, we set our sights on Victoria's spectacular Dandenong Ranges before venturing to the lush Yarra Valley.

Needless to say, the HA4 handled the undulating topography with consummate ease. No doubt courtesy of the base vehicle’s 3.0L V6 turbodiesel engine (delivering maximum power of 140kW and maximum torque of 440Nm), seven-speed automatic transmission, ABS brakes, traction control and stability control, and reinforced stabilisers on the front and rear axles.

The Sprinter 4X4 also has a low-gear differential to help navigate steep grades, and negotiate offroad terrain. 

The true power of the Sprinter 4X4 comes from an advanced, electronically engaged four-wheel drive system that eliminates mechanical 4X4 differential locks. When engaged, this advanced traction system selectively brakes individual wheels, providing increased traction, enhanced directional stability, and road adhesion in snow, tougher terrain and extreme occupations.

And you get up to 20 per cent more ground clearance than ever before with an increased ride height, up to 110mm on the front axle and up to 80mm on the rear axle.

Meanwhile, the steel sub-chassis is stronger than a panel floor which allows a strong foundation with less movement in the vehicle body. This results in a more secure mounting for walls, tanks and bins.

Exterior Engineering

Externally, the HA4’s ThermoTough wall panelling is attention-grabbing. It’s a revolutionary design encompassing strength, durability and weight-reducing properties.

Utilising lightweight European technology, this one-piece wall means no joins or gaps which equals greater strength. The walls are rebated and interlocked for a stronger construction, and the cross ply/Duplo Foam core provides an extremely strong panel with a high impact rating.

Additionally, most repairs can be localised without replacing the whole wall, and the walls can be screwed into at any point (no studs or fixing points necessary).

Likewise, the HA4’s DuraRoof, which Sunliner claims is “strong enough to party on”, has been precision engineered to provide superior structural strength, with a fully insulated bonded core and reinforced timber structure combined with compressed Duplo Foam.

I’m also impressed with this Habitat’s electric rollout awning, electric entry step, roof bars, RV stereo speakers, double-glazed single hopper windows with built-in blinds and flyscreens, two-piece entry door with security screen, exterior shower and wall-mount spare wheel.

Bedazzling Interiors

Internally, the HA4 is a sheer work of art — highlighted by a RV queen-sized drop-down bed (with 6in innerspring mattress), pragmatic kitchen, palatial lounge and a majestic ensuite.

The imposing galley has the whole kit and caboodle for the motorhoming chef — Thetford Triplex three-burner gas stovetop plus oven and grill combination, rangehood, Sphere microwave, 152L Thetford fridge, two-tier wire basket pull-out pantry, water purifier with separate tap, and a brushed aluminium splashback.

And the living zone is the epitome of comfort and relaxation. With two large Ultra leather lounges you can stretch out and watch the TV, read a book or take a lazy nap still leaving ample space to access the kitchen and full bathroom.

The fully self-contained bathroom setup comprises a combined toilet, shower room and includes a diesel hot water service. It’s stately to say the least!

And the inside of the HA4 ‘lights up like a Christmas tree’ with a dazzling LED display including strip lighting accents, ceiling lights and reading lights, and cabin entry lighting. I also liked the Habitat’s contemporary satin finish cabinetry, matte black tapware and wipeable leather upholstery.

And all the cupboard doors have positive drawer/cabinet locks, while concealed spring-assisted adjustable hinges are used for smoother assisted opening. Further, all the furniture is sealed around the floor to prevent spills getting into unreachable places.

The one-piece floor has no joins and is fully sealed underneath. Plus, internal floor coverings are high quality and insulated.

In the cabin, the driver and passenger are spoilt with swivel seats, a front DVR driver camera, reading lights, solar privacy sun shades, and seat trim to match the rear. 

There are also two cabin seatbelts plus the option of two side-facing seat belts on the driver’s side lounge seat when upgrading to a Light Rigid licence.

Climatic comfort is provided by a roof-mounted air-conditioner, diesel heater and 12V fan roof hatch.

And let’s not forget entertainment — 24in LCD TV with a built-in DVD player; Fusion audio sound system, and TV antenna.

Finally, I like the split-level effect instigated by the chassis design… It gives the feeling of entering a new living zone as you walk through the motorhome.

Footnote: This motorhome’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 4X4 chassis is a dual-rated chassis, which means it can be plated at a GVM of 4490kg (standard car licence). If Sunliner received this order, it would adjust the freshwater capacity to 200L. 

As a dual-rated chassis, the HA4 model can also be manufactured at a GVM 5000kg (Light Rigid Licence)

And, in terms of peace of mind for potential owners, the Habitat HA4 motorhome also comes with roadside assistance and a three year/200,000km warranty.


With an asking price nudging the $225,000 mark, you deserve the lap of luxury — and you definitely get it! But, more importantly, you also get the freedom to venture further for longer, without a care in the world.

As is the norm with the Habitat series, the HA4 has been designed to allow for extended stays off the grid. It enables travellers to ‘unplug’ for days in remote camps — far from the madding crowd.



Overall length 7.3m (23ft 11in)

External width 2.5m (8ft 2in)

Travel height 3.3m (11ft)

Tare 4050kg

GVM 5000kg


Base vehicle Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519

Engine 3.0L V6 TD

Gearbox Seven-speed auto

Max power 140kW

Max torque 440Nm


Brakes Anti-lock (ABS)

Fresh water 250L

Grey water 100L

Batteries 2x100Ah

Solar 2x150W

Air-conditioner Standard

Gas 2x4kg


Fridge Thetford 152L

Cooking Thetford Triplex three-burner gas grill and oven

Microwave Sphere

Toilet Cassette 20L

Shower Internal and external

Lighting LED (incl. strip lighting accents)

Hot water Diesel


Price as SHOWN $224,365 (driveaway, VIC)


Melbourne RV

Ph: (03) 8761 6255




  • Latest design and technological concepts
  • Stylish, trendy interior
  • Attention to detail
  • Extravagant ensuite
  • Lavish living zone
  • Grandiose galley


  • Perhaps the $220K+ price tag?
  • No satellite dish
  • No exterior kitchen
  • No washing machine.


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