Financing an RV

Peter Quilty — 7 January 2019

Dreaming of that perfect RV? Here's how a little help from leading industry financier Credit One can go a long way.

The journey to RV ownership can often be a long one. From the initial spark of seeing friends and family enjoy their camper trailer or caravan to your first caravan show and browsing dealer websites and online forums about the best make and model and, of course reading Caravan World and Camper Trailer Australia product reviews! 

It’s not uncommon, though, to find the perfect RV slightly before you are ready finacially, and so the unavoidable question of how to stretch the budget to pay for that dream van arises. 

With interest rates at a near historic low, more and more caravan and RV buyers are choosing finance when considering their options on how to fund their new van. 

CW recently discussed with Michael Rojek, CEO of Credit One Group, queries that buyers might have about funding 

their purchase. 

CW: Many caravan buyers might want to wait until they have sold a house or investment property prior to embarking on their caravan buying journey. What are the options for buyers who have found their dream van and want to wait for a property sale in a slowing market?

MR: Financing can still be a worthwhile option. Many of the lenders on our panel have low early payout fees, and rates are comparable with mortgage rates. For some buyers it might pay to buy and enjoy their dream van now, create those family memories and wait for the right buyer on their home or investment property to pay out the caravan loan at a later date.

CW: Would it just be easier for buyers to add to their mortgage then? 

MR: We are seeing a real tightening in some areas of finance, in particular mortgage and home lending. Banks are requesting customers jump through a lot more hoops in order to fund mortgages. However, a standard caravan loan can generally be organised same day. 

Credit One has a panel of more than a dozen caravan, camper trailer and RV financiers all competing for our clients' business. 

Our specialist caravan finance brokers do all the shopping around for our clients where required, arrange paperwork and will liaise with the dealer or private seller to facilitate a smooth settlement, leaving our client more time to enjoy their van.

CW: Can Credit One arrange insurance? 

MR: Absolutely, via our connection with Camper Insurance we are a one-stop-shop for caravan buyers who want a great finance and insurance deal. Call our specialists on 1300 273 348 to enquire more about Camper Insurance, plus your free no-obligation quote.

The message seems clear: Life is short, so why wait to start having fun in your dream caravan or camper trailer.


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Peter Quilty