Best Aussie Vans 2019

Anji Bignell — 2 July 2019
7th annual showcase for BAV

This year marks BAV’s 7th annual showcase and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Each year, Caravan World magazine reviews more than 100 caravans and only the best vans in the industry are chosen to participate in BAV.

We invite Australia’s leading manufacturers to come together at an iconic Australian destination where their vans go head-to-head for the top award. 


Our judging team is chosen to reflect a wide range of industry-centric skillsets, from retired electricians to outback survival experts and long-time caravan owners; experience plays a big part. 

Independent assessment of all qualified entrants during the testing and review component of BAV is a critical aspect of each event too, as is independence from manufacturers. No judge for Caravan World can be sponsored by the industry. 

Our people are young and old; some are more aligned to the harsh outback and some the gentle life a resort park affords. We do this to offer a balance of opinions and to reflect our readers more widely. 


Aside from a few wording changes, tightening up the criteria and adding some new voices; how we judge the vans has remained the same since the inaugural Camper Trailer of the Year (CTOTY) in 2009, and we use the exact same judging criteria system at Best Aussie Vans (BAV), with two key differences:

The first being we take at least four judges to BAV who each score the product, and we average their scores and include comments from their broad range of experience and expertise. This is then included in the final reviews that go to print in Caravan World with the award winners. 

The second being that every caravan needs to be seen by our team, usually in the form of a review, before being allowed to attend the event.

Our brand, and broader business, is built on a number of core values (one of which is transparency) and our content is defined by its quality, credibility as well as its authority. 

We've set the bar high every year for the past six years and look forward to acknowledging some of this year's best manufacturers later in the year.

If you would like to learn more about the judges, the process, the winners and the finalists from previous BAVs, head to our review section of this website for more details. 


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