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Adria Altea 402PH

Australian-built caravans tend to be on the heavier side, so how does this relatively lightweight European tourer compare?

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Unchartered Territory

Follow the footsteps of Captain Charles Sturt, who in 1844 led a question where no European had ever been

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The new Knaus Eurostar caravan.

New Knaus Eurostar available in Australia

The new Knaus Eurostar 655 is an uber-stylish luxury caravan that has already won many Euro hearts, and it’s finally arrived on our shores.

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Basic Only By Name

The new Base Series from Zone RV has everything you expect from Zone RV wrapped up in a neat package that belies its name.

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Winter Warmth at the Waterfront

The Shoalhaven region has been hit hard by loss of tourism business this year, first thanks to bushfires and now COVID-19. Now, Holiday Haven Parks are pulling out all the stops to bring travellers back.

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